Atlantic County Voters Reject Phil Guenther on GOP Ticket

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Phil Guenther

Phil Guenther is considered a hometown hero to some who live in Brigantine. But outside of Brigantine, the former Mayor is far from popular. Guenther will need to overcome a boatload of negatives if the old school politician intends to win a NJ Assembly seat this November 2019.

Callers to WOND radio voice anger and contempt for Guenther, who’s a long shot for winning a NJ Assembly seat. Stories of corrupt Brigantine leadership. Listen below.

Listen: Callers on WOND Radio voice disgust over NJ Assembly candidate, Phil Guenther

WOND Phil Guenther

Guenther is facing the wrath of Atlantic County parents and local school districts. Fear: Guenther is working to steal students and funding for his own school, ACIT, Atlantic County Institute of Technology.

A career politician, the once popular Brigantiner was unceremoniously pushed out of Brigantine City Hall. Salaries too high, financial mismanagement, and frivolous lawsuits. All under Guenther’s watch.

Residents of Brigantine were demanding term limits for local politicians. Guenther has been Mayor of Brigantine for 27 years. Insider deals, lazy oversight of city management. Just a few of the accusations being leveled at Phil Guenther.

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