Overtime Abuse with Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther

Brigantine Greenhead Politics & Phil Guenther

When John Costello was hired as the new Director of Public Works for Brigantine, he was expected to maintain the status quo and enjoy the ride at taxpayers’ expense. Costello instead began an earnest effort to clean up the city, which resulted in an immaculate town filled with delighted residents. Read ‘Greenhead Politics’ below. Widespread

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Brigantine Plagued by Glitches Under Mayor Phil Guenther

Phil Guenther is as slippery as they come. Phil is the king of hosing taxpayers. Especially 2nd homeowners. That’s a top accomplishment for Guenther over the past 27 years as mayor of Brigantine. Jersey Shore Corruption under Mayor Phil Guenther Watch this clip of jaw-dropping, broad daylight corruption & stupidity in Brigantine. Greenhead politics. Enjoy.

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Guenther Defends Brigantine Overtime Abuse

Back in 2014, Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther was accused of looking the other way, as Brigantine public employees were engaged in an overtime scam. Inaccurate time sheets, signed off by Brigantine Fire Captain, Tiger Platt. Guenther and Platt Overtime Scam

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Guenther Accused of Brigantine Golf Links Scam

Mayor Phil Guenther of Brigantine facing heat for allowing Brigantine Links Golf course to languish in debt for years. Financials not easily available to public. Guenther’s mis-management of Brigantine Golf Links negatively affects Brigantine Real Estate values. Guenther chased away Golf expert, Ron Jaworski. JAWS could have turned the course around and turned it into

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Early Polling Shows Guenther Hurting GOP Ticket.

South Jersey GOP candidates distancing themselves from Phil ‘Greenhead’ Guenther. Early polls in the NJ Assembly race show the former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther, dragging down the Republican ticket. Poor choice by Atlantic County GOP chief, Keith Davis? Phil Guenther New Jersey Assembly Problems. Democrats, Mazzeo & Armato, likely to retain NJ Assembly seats in

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Plenty of Lawsuits When Guenther Controlled Brigantine

Brigantine news and Phil Guenther archives. From Wednesday, January 26, 2011. Brigantine suit partially settled and court will hear argument tomorrow. By John Paff. Update: The March 10, 2010 Investigation Report (redacted), Judge Johnson’s February 25, 2011 Order and Opinion are on-line here. On November 1, 2010, I reported that I had sued the City

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