Brigantine Finally Bans Portable Toilets on Beach

Brigantine Phil Guenther The Cove
‘Cove is Crappy’ says Phil Guenther.

Personal portable toilets should not be among the chairs, umbrellas and toys that visitors haul with them when they go to the beach in one Jersey shore town.

Brigantine’s City Council unanimously voted Wednesday night to craft an ordinance banning the devices.

The Press of Atlantic City reports Mayor Phil Guenther said he was amazed it is going on because the city provides portable toilets on a number of beaches.

Public Works Superintendent John Doring says workers started finding human waste in trash cans at the city’s four-wheel drive beaches last summer.

Sign Asks Joggers to “Stop Pooping” Along Trail. The portable toilets are usually used for camping.

The council asked city solicitor Fred Scerni to craft a ban. Scerni joked that “is beyond legal research.”

An ordinance was introduced at Brigantine City Council to amend the beach ordinance dealing with the possession of, erecting or using any portable toilet on the beach; disposing of any waste or debris resulting from the use of a portable toilet on the beach.

Brigantine Councilwoman Lisa McClay originally recommended a penalty to anyone found using a personal toilet.

For some reason, a group calling themselves ‘Real Brigantiners’ thought no one would mind if they set up their own personal toilet at the beach.

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