Brigantine Greenhead Politics & Phil Guenther

phil guenther ACIT
27 Years of Dysfunction.

When John Costello was hired as the new Director of Public Works for Brigantine, he was expected to maintain the status quo and enjoy the ride at taxpayers’ expense.

Costello instead began an earnest effort to clean up the city, which resulted in an immaculate town filled with delighted residents.

Read ‘Greenhead Politics’ below.

Widespread corruption and abuse among Brigantine’s elected officials and municipal employees.

Corruption, theft and misconduct were only the tip of the iceberg. Costello also uncovered problems that endangered the health and safety of the island’s residents, only to be ignored by city officials.

Not content to turn a blind eye, Costello set about putting a stop to the rampant municipal malfeasance on his own.

But by refusing to play ball, Costello had threatened the power of the ruling elite and suddenly found himself the target of a political lynching.


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