Brigantine Plagued by Glitches Under Mayor Phil Guenther

Brigantine Phil Guenther ACIT
Brigantine Corruption

Phil Guenther is as slippery as they come. Phil is the king of hosing taxpayers. Especially 2nd homeowners. That’s a top accomplishment for Guenther over the past 27 years as mayor of Brigantine.

Jersey Shore Corruption under Mayor Phil Guenther

Watch this clip of jaw-dropping, broad daylight corruption & stupidity in Brigantine. Greenhead politics. Enjoy.


Small town Jersey corruption comes in many forms. It can feature Real Estate transactions, as well as zoning and tax assessment issues. Some Jersey shore towns like Brigantine are bursting with municipal malfeasance. Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther ruled with an iron fist. Greenhead Politics.

With so few voters…. elected officials can get away with financial murder. Actually, it’s more like stealing in broad daylight.

No term limits in Brigantine. That’s bad. Greater chance for much broader corruption. Media companies like BrigantineNOW have been tracking Guenther since 2011.

Just one more reason why Jersey Shore taxpayers should join a Homeowners Association. Or the Brigantine Taxpayers Association. Especially seashore taxpayers that are 2nd homeowners. Time to hire an independent auditor.

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