Brigantine’s Phil Guenther Gets Low Grades For 2019 NJ Assembly Campaign

Phil Guenther New Jersey Assembly Election 2019
Phil ‘Greenhead’ Guenther

Phil Guenther will need to overcome long list of negatives if the ACIT School supervisor has a chance to win a NJ Assembly seat in Nov 2019.

Guenther, a last minute replacement for Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman, was forced to drop out of the Assembly race earlier this year. GOP running mate, Frank Formica, also threw in the towel for his bid to become a NJ Assemblyman.

Phil Guenther faces uphill battle in race for New Jersey Assembly seat.

South Jersey GOP officials had to scramble to find a candidate to go up against Vince Mazzeo and John Armato. Phil Guenther was not a favored candidate. Most in the South Jersey Republican party were against Guenther. History shows that Brigantine politicians like Phil Guenther do poorly when they try to leave town. Brigantine Councilman Vince Sera was soundly beaten in the last, county wide election.

Phil Guenther ACIT NJ Assembly campaign 2019
Brgantine’s Simpson & Guenther

Philip Guenther has been accused of hurting local business, while propping up public employee jobs.

Phil Guenther is the embattled supervisor of the Atlantic County Institute of Technology. Guenther is running for NJ Assembly.

Atlantic County Institute of Technology Superintendent Philip Guenther Accused of Harming local school districts.

Phil Guenther is accused of hurting South Jersey district schools in order to grow his ACIT vocational school, based in Atlantic County.

Last year when Guenther was still Mayor of Brigantine, Guenther’s hand-picked Fire Chief was embarrassed by actions ( political harrassment ) campaigns by his brother, Troy Platt.

Read more about the chaos that is Brigantine, NJ. As seen in the best selling book: Greenhead Politics, featuring Phil Guenther.

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