City of Brigantine Bank Account Hacked for $600,000

Phil Guenther ACIT NJ Assembly
Simpson & Guenther

BRIGANTINE Mayor Phil Guenther wonders how computer hackers stole $600,000 from a Brigantine municipal bank account. $200,000 still hasn’t been recovered. News from OCT 2010.

TD Bank notified Brigantine and Phil Guenther that multiple transactions had taken place from its account.

Investigators report that someone was able to get a user name and password. Authorities say a virus or a fake Web page set up to mimic the bank’s real one might have been used to carry out the thefts.

NJ State Police and the FBI assisted in the Brigantine investigation.

Mayor Phil Guenther told the media he hope the city taxpayers will recoup the losses.

TD bank in Brigantine said they were able to reverse bout $400,000 of fraudulent transfers.

Online hackers steal $600K from city of Brigantine’s bank account. Posted Oct 1, 2010

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