NJ Assembly Seat Far Reach for Phil Guenther

Phil Guenther NJ Assembly Brigantine Atlantic County
Phil Guenther

Freeholder John Risley has good shot at winning NJ Assembly seat, whereas former Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther has little to no support.

It will not be easy for the controversial Guenther to displace Mazzeo or Armato.

Phil Guenther is well known as a RINO, Republican in name only. Big government and high taxes. 6 figure salaries for many inside city hall.

Social media feedback from Dave Montgomery: Hey Phil, what happened to the welding, diesel, auto body, HVAC etc. programs that were already at ACIT vocational school? Now you want to spend more to add what use to be there?

Why Phil Guenther Hurts Atlantic County GOP

Guenther faced criticism for not pressuring NJ Transit to expand train service. The ACIT supervisor was absent in efforts to increase ridership, only to do the opposite and then wonder why fewer people are riding the train.

Atlantic County still reeling from PILOT LAW, and poor support from local politicians like Phil Guenther.

Phil Guenther and Atlantic County Republicans are struggling to win NJ assembly seats.

November 5, 2019 is election day. The choice is becoming more clear. The one mighty, South Jersey GOP is in serious decline.

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